Assignment Templates

Sample materials created as assignments for sociology courses taught by Heather Sue M. Rosen

  • A banner with block letters reading "lecture activity" in the top left corner. In the center of the page, the title, "what is deviant behavior?" is on top of a graphic of a list with two figures, the one on the left of the list holding a pencil. To the left of the list, under the block letters, there is a speedometer on fire, then a stick figure adults smoking a cigarette around a stick figure baby playing with blocks. To the right of the list, there is a crime scene body diagram, a person masking, a clock checking the time and running (as if late), and a pole dancer.

    What Behaviors do you Consider Deviant?

  • Banner of curved text over an image of a newspaper

    Media Analysis as Application of Public Sociology – Example Assignment from the Sociology of Alcohol and Drug Use

  • Blue icons on a black background (hashtag, tweeting bird, retweet symbol, post symbol), captioned "tweeting theory"

    “Tweeting Theory”

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