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  • The Last Walk

    The Last Walk

    The latest in my digital self-portraits and landscape series’. It depicts me walking in my doctoral regalia in the day of commencement. The walk (and plants/building in the background) was a familiar and wheelchair accessible route from the nearest parking garage to my office/classroom building.

  • The Breaking Period: Follow-Up

    The Breaking Period: Follow-Up

    Just over a week ago, I wrote about the uniquely horrified and yet unsurprised understanding held by disabled people who predicted this watching the pandemic “breaking point” (aka breaking period). Early this week, I got news that the breaking period had graced our close friend group—and it was anything but graceful. The breaking period crashed…

  • #IMaskBecause COVID is Not Over

    #IMaskBecause COVID is Not Over

    Want to view my process? Watch Here: Where it all started: Find the #IMaskBecause series on my Twitter @MedSociOnWheels. This portrait is based on post 2 of the series, shown below. Feeling inspired by all of the angry anti-mask trolls. May start a daily “I mask because” post 😏 Today’s: #IMaskBecause anti-mask ableist bullies don’t…

  • Final Exam Week Coffee Break

    Final Exam Week Coffee Break

    Digital painting of a white woman with short red hair and glasses drinking coffee from a to-go cup

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