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  • Mask Week of Action 2023

    Mask Week of Action 2023

    Masks belong in healthcare because Covid is not over, Covid is airborne, and patients deserve to be safe. Last week we called on medical professionals to remember why they joined the profession in the first place, the oath they took to “Do No Harm”, and that they CAN choose to be kind and protect their…

  • #IMaskBecause Networking Matters, but Not More than Safety.

    #IMaskBecause Networking Matters, but Not More than Safety.

    Based on part 1 of the Twitter series of the same name: I mask because networking matters, but not more than safety – digital self portrait of me, a red headed white woman, posing for a photo with my spouse, Jake, a bald white man. We are dressed in N95 respirators and “holiday” attire for…

  • #IMaskBecause COVID is Not Over

    #IMaskBecause COVID is Not Over

    Want to view my process? Watch Here: Where it all started: Find the #IMaskBecause series on my Twitter @MedSociOnWheels. This portrait is based on post 2 of the series, shown below. Feeling inspired by all of the angry anti-mask trolls. May start a daily “I mask because” post 😏 Today’s: #IMaskBecause anti-mask ableist bullies don’t…

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