I am available for remote consultations, remote speaking events, and in-person speaking events with reasonable COVID-19 mitigation measures in place (e.g. masks, air cleaners, ventilation). I am based in Roswell, Georgia but am available for in-person events taking place in the following states: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky. I offer consultations in two areas: Disability/Chronic Illness and Higher Education. I cover a variety of topics for speaking invents including topics in general sociology, topics related to my specialization in medical sociology, on several theoretical paradigms, and about my preferred methods for quantitative research in sociology. To begin the process of scheduling a consultation or speaking event, you can schedule an initial meeting with Dr. Rosen using the calendar tool below to select an available appointment time that works with your schedule. Not finding a time that works for you? Send Dr. Rosen an email with some times that would work best for you.

If you are interested in requesting or submitting a tutorial or essay for feature on the Medical Sociology on Wheels site, please see the Content Requests and Submissions page.

I work on a “pay what you can” scale because I understand the limitations of a $0 budget and don’t agree that a budget always reflects how worthy and event or consultation is of my attention. If you think I can help, let’s talk!


Disability and Chronic Illness

Navigating Disability Accommodations in Higher Education and the Workplace in the United States

Contextualized/Personalized COVID-19 Safety Plan-of-Action

Navigating Healthcare in the United States with the EDS/POTS/MCAS Trifecta and Other Complex and Contested Chronic Illness/Disability

Self-Advocacy At Home Plan-Of-Action for Disabled and Chronically Ill Folks Living in Ableist/Hostile Environments

Higher Education

Graduate Student Mentorship

Pre-Med and Other Pre-Health Professions Undergraduate Student Mentorship

Applying to Graduate Programs in Sociology

Applying to Medical School (and other Health Professional Programs)

Career Planning for Sociology Majors

Tutoring and Paper/Project Assistance in: Sociology, Statistics, Basic Algebra, Network Analysis, Quantitative Research Methods for Social Science

Speaking Events

General Sociology

Medical Sociology

Sociology of Disability

Sociology of Deviance

Sociology of Alcohol and Drug Use

Digital Sociology

Introduction to Sociology

Social Problems

Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory

Social Interaction/Social Networks

Social Medicine (Medical Sociology for Health Practitioners)

Specialized Topics in Sociology

Medicalized vs. Criminalized Deviance

Health Behavior

Health Beliefs

Ableist Ideology

Deviant Behavior and Social Control as Conflict and Conflict Management

Sociological Theory

World Risk Society

Health Belief Model

Crip Theory

Stress Process Models

French Postmodernism

Durkheimian Sociology

DuBoisian Sociology


Blackian/”Pure” Sociology

Research Methods for Sociology

Complex Social Networks

Quantitative Text Analysis

Multi-Level Regression Modeling

Categorical Data Analysis

Time Series Analysis

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