Medical Sociology on Wheels

By Dr. Heather Sue M. Rosen

Response to HICPAC August 2023
World Health Network: Meet Dr. Suway, Covid-Safe Dentist, ATL, Georgia
Health Disparities as Social Phenomena #SociologySunday
Tracking Covid – Analysis + R Code Example
A 10 Step Process for Estimating and Interpreting Structural Topic Models in R
Avoiding Subluxations and Mast Cell Reactions with Force of Nature Clean and a Misting Spray Bottle
A tutorial on combining dataframes and manipulating variables in R with dplyr (tidyverse)
My syllabus accommodation policy and a discussion of why/how I shifted to universal design.
Lecture activity for Sociology of Deviance and Social Control
A mini-lecture on the sociological study of deviance and social control, with lecture activity.
An overview of four modes of mobility I use to manage my disability.
Zero COVID for me but not for thee, essay and accompanying artwork
Full Lecture, Sociological Theory
R Tutorial, text data with tidyverse, Quanteda and ggplot2
R Tutorial, obtaining and preparing text data for analysis with twitteR and tidyverse.
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