COVID-19 Risk and Mitigation

Heather Sue M. Rosen is a medical sociologist specializing the application of critical realist, crip-crit, and postmodern, theories to explain health beliefs and behavior related to risk and mitigation. Since March 2020, her work has primarily focused on beliefs and behavior related to COVID-19 risk and mitigation.

Her dissertation research examined tweets expressing health beliefs about the risk of COVID-19 and health beliefs about behaviors to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 from December 2019 – June 2021, finding that beliefs about both risk and mitigating health behaviors in the United States were heavily influenced by misinformation from health experts aiming to minimize the risk of COVID-19. She plans to extend the scope of her current research to include the period between July 2021 – February 2023, though these plans are contingent on access to Twitter’s API after February 2023.

While researchers worldwide await Twitter API’s fate, Heather Sue has begun to expand her research to include information from other platforms, including user-generated testimony through other microblogging platforms like tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram, Fediverse entities like Mastodon, and non-social media data compiled from Google and Amazon search trends. On this page, you will find tutorials and examples related to COVID-19 risk and mitigation; Heather Sue works primarily in R (via RStudio) but does include limited examples using other programs/languages. You can find examples using tools available from platforms like Google and Meta here.

In addition to her research, Heather Sue’s disability rights activism has centered issues related to the risk of COVID-19, including the increased risk to historically excluded communities when mitigating behavior is inadequately widespread.

Essays and Commentary on COVID-19, by Heather Sue M. Rosen

On reacting to being “called-in” to mitigate COVID-19 in a way that supports the disabled community.
On the emerging understanding that COVID-19 has long-term damaging effects on the human body, part 2.
On the emerging understanding that COVID-19 has long-term damaging effects on the human body, part 1.
On grappling with the disappointments of graduate school as a disabled student during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research on COVID-19 by Heather Sue M. Rosen

Tracking COVID-19
Publications and Pre-Prints

Analysis Examples and Tutorials

Using Google Trends “Explore” to track COVID-19 topics over time
Sentiment Analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) on Tweets about COVID-19 risk mitigating behavior.

COVID-19 Themed Artwork

“I Mask Because” Campaign


I mask because networking matters, but not more than safety
I mask because COVID is not over
The Original #IMaskBecause Twitter Campaign
On Twitter – Features from the Off-Twitter Campaign
On Facebook

Social Media Posts on COVID-19

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To see the entire archive of covid-19 tweets, place the following into the Twitter search bar:

(covid OR coronavirus OR pandemic OR sars OR mask) (from:medsocionwheels)

@medsocionwheels Sometimes my mast cells act up and I can’t tolerate head straps. I’ve been liking these BNX KN95 for times like this because they come in three sizes. This is the medium. Bonus? Cute colors 😍 Some things we do to maximize safety when I have head welts: -everyone coming in the house wears N95 or P100 -several large hepa filters -windows open -a/c fan set to “on” instead of “auto” (Last two are a bonus of living in Georgia, may not be feasible for everyone because of extreme cold or extreme hot) **video is of me, a white woman with red hair, wearing a lavender KN95 mask and moving my head from side to side** #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #KN95 #BNX #MaskFashion #MCAS #Hives #risk #covid19 ♬ Safe And Sound – Capital Cities
@medsocionwheels Voted in-person for the #GARunoff2022 and documented my experience as a disabled voter who usually votes absentee but didn’t have enough time to re-apply (🙄) for the runoff. TLDR: no line and took maybe 5 mins total inside, but wouldn’t have been able to enter the building if I were using my wheelchair today because the access was p much nonexistent. #CripTheVote #GeorgiaVotes #FultonCountyVoters ♬ original sound – Heather Sue M. Rosen

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