A banner image reading "tracking public interest in covid-19. Exploring Google Search Trends for Microclots Part 1". The background is an abstract photo of red and orange lava-esque blobs, 50% translucent against a black background. the word "microclots" in the title is set against a white search bar with a blue magnifying glass on its right side. To the left of the title is a screenshot of a google search in dark mode for "microclots" showing related searches about long covid; there is a graphic of a magnifying glass with an upward "trending" arrow icon over the google search image. To the right of the title is a graphic of a brain next to a blood vessel appearing to explode from a clot (top) and a red graphic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with spike proteins visible and obvious

Exploratory Analysis of Google Search Trends for ‘microclots’ from 2015-2023: Part 1

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Tracking #Covid19: #Google searches for #microclots were up 23% for the last week of April 2023 👀 Interested? Learn more in this brief #article by Dr. Heather Sue M. Rosen discussing part 1 of her #ExploratoryAnalysis of search trends for microclots! #TeamClots

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