a banner with a dark green/blue background, a large seafoam green circle with a medium green shadow along the bottom right and four seafoam green circular dot bursts. In the large center circle, the title reads "Estimation and Interpretation of a Basic Structural Topic Model in R" with the R computing logo. In the center of each starburst there are graphics: top left - a magenta and black graphic of a bearded person sitting with a computer in front of a bookshelf and output of an adjacency matrix; bottom left- an orange figure with dark red hair in a low ponytail sits at a desktop computer with icons floating around their head, they point to an icon near their head; top right - a white person with a brown ponytail sits at a desktop computer with their back facing the audience, the computer screen is visible, there are two windows floating above the monitor with squiggles; bottom right- a brown person with long black hair stands with their back to the audience facing icons representing social media and social networks data, they hold two icons with outlines of stick people indicating user information.

Build and Interpret a Basic Structural Topic Model in R

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With Sound (slides with commentary)
@medsocionwheels Structural topic modeling: my 10 step process for estimating and interpreting a basic structural topic model without covariates in R. Full #tutorial available on medsocionwheels.com! #TopicModeling #NLP #StructuralTopicModel #QuantitativeResearch #QualitativeResearch #ResearchMethods #R #LearnR #CodingTikTok #rstats #sociology #sciencetok #DataAnalysis #DataViz #DataVisualization #NetworkAnalysis #SocialNetworks #Tweets ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim
Without Sound (slides only)
Structural Topic Modeling: by Heather Sue Rosen

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Check out this #tutorial on structural topic modeling in #R! #LearnToCode #RStats #TopicModels #NLP

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