animated banner image. Background is a photo purple-blue clouds. On the right, not animated, are four icons (top to bottom): a hot pink funnel with three spreadsheets going into it, a hot pink graphic of a computer monitor with a spreadsheet showing set against a pink background, a light pink icon of two small spreadsheets with arrows that meet in the middle pointing to a larger spreadsheet, a blue icon of a spreadsheet with a linegraph image in the bottom left corner and a bar graph image in the top right corner. On the right, there is a purple rectangle with hot pink crayon-esque border and yellow stars of several different sizes on the top left and bottom right corners; the border and stars are moving, the border wiggles, the stars twinkle. Over the rectangle are light blue words, "combining and manipulating dataframes in R" with the R set to the R computing logo. In the bottom left corner, there is a circle that looks as if it has been scribbled with marker. Over the scribble are light blue bubble letters reading "with dplyr"

Combining Dataframes and Manipulating Variables with dplyr in R

Combining and Manipulating Dataframes in R with dplyr