Cartoon example scenario "eating lunch with a friend" showing sociological concepts of form, association, and type. two stick figures sit at a table with food in front of them, talking apparent from empty speech bubbles above their heads, and a double sided arrow between their heads indicating an interaction; the black arrow is labeled "association" in red with a red arrow pointing from association to the black double sided arrow. Below the figures are a series of random turqoise icons of everyday items, indicating a conversation with many topics, and "cycle" symbols to show the movement of conversation; the turquoise icons are labeled "type". The entire scene is encircled in grey and labeled "form"

Sociological Grand Theories of Culture, Society, and Self

Lecture covering sociological grand theories of culture, self, and society, including theories by Simmel, Mead, Habermas, and Giddens. Adapted from a lecture originally created for a Spring 2021 “Development of Sociological Theory” undergraduate course.

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