Painting of a white woman with shoulder-length red hair sitting in front of a laptop computer in two poses. On the left, the woman looks at the computer screen that reads "you're invited! Teaching awards. Masks OPTIONAL." On the right, the woman glares to the side, her whole face is visible and she is wearing glasses. Between the images of the woman, text reads: Disability in Higher Ed: - nominated for award - no disability accommodations for ceremony - wins award - unaware of win for 3 weeks - notified via email to fill out a form for award "winners"

Disabled in Higher Ed #WeAreHopKinsToo

digital oil on canvas, snowy landscape at sunset showing a cabin by a lake surrounded by trees, with mountains in the background

Winter Sunset Landscape

Digital painting of a white woman with short red hair and glasses sitting at a table drinking coffee from a to-go cup

Digital painting of a white woman with short red hair and glasses drinking a coffee out of a to-go cup

Pastel painting on canvas of nude white person with long red hair sitting cross-legged facing a lake

White woman with red hair, sitting in the nude, staring at a moonlit lake surrounded by trees

Logo for, stained glass overlay on a photo of a woman in a wheelchair holding a puppy. Top left corner of the screen has graphic of a laptop with the letters "HS"

Stained Glass Effect Over Photo of Woman in Wheelchair Holding Puppy

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